You know the saying chicken before the egg? Well that’s what I have going on today with the parts shipment.  The first Spark Fun order arrived today with the Ardupilot Mega, 2 900mhz Xbee wireless modems, and the EM406 GPS cable. Spark Fun electronics is an amazing site they have almost everything to get the average nerd in trouble and they are in Colorado the reason that this stuff even ordered last came first for me here in Kansas.  Two orders are due in tomorrow with the Hawk Sky RC plane kit from and the order from store that has the IMU and the headers to put it together.  That leaves two more orders heh, reading the manual last night I found out that I needed an adaptor board for the Xbee’s to one connect one to the ArduPilot Mega and two a USB FTDI board to connect the ground side to the laptop (I should have known better!).  So that should be in soon the USB-Xbee board is coming from Spark Fun along with a bunch of jumpers  and then another adaptor is coming from with some more jumpers! Stay tuned for the build. Here is a picture of the parts that came from Spark Fun today. Tyler.