The first flight was awesome! The plane flew like a charm it had a bit of a tendency to climb but we fixed that once we got me back on the ground. Thanks to Dwain Johnson our full time RC guru for his piloting skills the first flight went off without a hitch. For the second flight we had to switch out receivers, the one that came with the plane was not JR compatible so we popped in one that Dwaine had laying around.  After testing the new receiver we setup two of his controllers to use the “Buddy Box” system.  What’s a “Buddy Box”?  Well this thing allows an experienced pilot and a newcomer connect receivers so the experienced pilot can push a button and hand off control and vice-versa from the trainee. With this system I was able to learn the basics of flight while the plane was high enough that he could take over when I got in to trouble. Click to see the photo gallery of the first flight