As of 9pm CDT the SPC is showing 6 tornado reports spawned by tropical depression Hermine, 5 of them in Texas and 1 just across the border in Oklahoma. T.D Hermine is also dumping inches of rain across N Texas into Oklahoma with 4.03 inches already fallen in Mc Kinney, TX. Many Dallas TV stations are showing tornado and damage video here are some links. Video from CNN of tornado over the Dallas Metro T.D Hermine will be moving NE tonight S of the OKC metro into Tulsa, OK then towards Springfield, MO during the day Thursday. The tornado threat will be mainly on the so called “Right Front Quadrant” so in this case N, NE, E and even trailing back to the SE of the center of circulation of Hermine.  Keep an eye on new SPC, HPC products for updates on the severe weather situation.

HPC 24hr Quantitative Precipitation Forecast

SPC Day 1 Tornado Outlook