Well this has to be one of the most worthless tornado videos of all time but just in case there is any doubt here it is. Jordan and I where ENE of Beaumont, KS a few miles trying to figure out where in the heck the rotation was in the supercell. As Jordan was turning the car around to head back south to the highway I saw this little tornado out of the corner of my eye. I have no idea how far away we were from the tornado but I would have to guess quite far as it looks tiny in the video. Other then the brief tornado and one amazing long lived wall cloud on the wrong part of a storm we didn’t see much. Their where some 60-70mph winds blowing the car all over the place and causing some nice dust blows and a some really close lightning strikes we got some pics of and that’s really about it.

Here are the videos and stills from the chase click more to see you guessed it more!

Rotating Wall Cloud 3 miles east of Kechi, KS 10X speed

Screen caps of the tornado in the video.