Here is a radar comparison of the April / November 2010 Yazoo City, MS tornadoes. The November 29th 2010 tornado pictured on the left was 150yards wide and rated EF-2 with winds of 115mph. While the April 24th 2010 tornado was a 1.75mile wide EF-4 monster with winds of 170mph! It’s not often we get to see two tornadoes that happen within months of each other taking more or less the same path across a city. While this is a terrible double blow to a city that hasn’t even rebuilt from the first storm it provides a unique opportunity for science. Both parent storms where moving close the same direction and both tornadoes hit structures so the speed can be determined. With both storms being the same distance from NWS Jackson, MS NEXRAD radar a real world comparison can be made. As soon as the level2 data is available on from NOAA I will do a detailed comparison for

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