Well the 3-22 Iowa chase was a success I caught the tornado near Creston, IA as you have problem noticed several chasers also caught the Creston, IA tornado on video. Even though the tornado wasn’t a Storm Patrol exclusive the chase was allot of fun. A little meteorology, the storms formed in NE KS then moved NE at 50+ mph. It wasn’t long after initiation that the storms took on supercell characteristics but they where high based with really only a wind / hail threat. It wasn’t until the storms got close to the warm front that they began to develop low level rotation this is a common occurrence with chases in a small warm sector and storms riding over a warm front there is only a narrow window to see tornadoes as the cells interact with the boundary. I read the other day that they now think that only 5% to 10% of supercells produce tornadoes in the 1990’s it was thought that supercells may produce tornadoes up to 50% of the time! As an avid storm chaser I can tell you the 50% value is WAY too high I would even lean towards the 5% or LESS value. Tyler. SPC Slight, 10% tornado 750 Miles. Left home 8am 3-22 Returned 3pm 3-23