UPDATE 4-12 1:15am cdt I had sometime to look over the level2 radar data today and it looks like you can see the circulation of the gustnado on radar. You can also see from the title change i have switched sides and went with a strong gustnado the main reason being is this radar data. The radar data shows the circulations are not part of the main mesocyclone and are along the gust front being sucked into the meso. Reed Timmer was talking about a paper by Howie Bluestien that talks about gustnadoes getting sucked into the primary circulation of a supercell i did i quick search and couldn't find the paper so if someone knows the title let me know. UPDATE: 4-11 7:15pm cdt. Here is a link to Jon Davies blog where he has a really nice write up on this event. Also here is a really good essay Jon did on the whole Tornado / Gustnado idea. UPDATE: 4-4 4:30 pm cdt. Here is a radar loop i drew the boundary on i will extend it all the way to the spot where we saw the tornado as soon as NCDC gets the radar data up for the 4th. I don't know why i drew the cold front red but work with me..

Radar Loop

Tyler. This tornado or what ever you want to call it! Touched down along Highway 24 near Perry, KS at 7:18cdt and moved ESE towards Williamstown, KS crossing highway 24 1 ¾ miles E of Williamstown where highway 24 jogs to the south for a mile or so. What a day! We were just about to go home and we had one of the coolest tornadoes I have ever seen touch down right next to us. This was a tornado what wasn’t supposed to happen all typical meteorological wisdom would say the storm was highly elevated and it had very little chance of producing but the storm thought otherwise. I will try and post a detailed case study in the next day or two. This storm stopped a section of the cold font in its tracks and tapped the warm moist air to the SE of the supercell it was amazing! This is why I love meteorology and storm chasing the one odd ball rare event that just shocks everyone. You can see the circulation is quite large and within the broad circulation you can see really tight suction vortices Reed Timmer is involved in some research on suction vortices I will try and get some links posted but from what Reed talked about at chasercon and the KC AMS meeting suction vortices can be much stronger then the parent circulation by orders of magnitude! They really churned up the freshly plowed dry fields which really helped the visuals. Miles 440 SPC: Mod 5% over target. Left home 2pm returned 1am