Typical the first panhandle chase of 2015 and I’m sick with stomach flu, Jordan is busy with work! The SPC is forecasting and enhanced risk of severe weather for the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandle’s as well as a chunk of Southwest Kansas. 4-16-2015 SPC 1630z Outlook Graphic

So some would say the long term drought is pushing the dry air masses further to the East therefore the dry line typically forms east of the Panhandle in Western OK and Kansas. I haven’t looked over the research to see if there are any papers to back this idea up but it makes sense.


As for today the dry line doesn’t care about the drought monitor, it’s going to form where it wants. And just as Mother Nature is doing as she wishes so is Murphy.

Thanks for reading will be back chasing storms as soon as I get better and Jordan gets his project done at work!