Well the chase was decent we saw some really cool supercell structure and got some time-lapse video of a few things. 4-24-2015 Salina, KS Supercell Panorama We started up the chase in Pittsburg, Kansas where Jordan and I met up with a news crew from a local TV station that were doing a story on storm chasing.  Our target was Great Bend, Kansas where the SPC had a enhanced risk with a 5% tornado risk. A surface low was moving from extreme Southeast Colorado Northeast towards Salina, KS from 19z to around 02z. The convection allowing models RPM / HRRR were showing a supercell collocated with the low forming around 22z. 4-24-2015 15z Surface Analysis We made it to Wichita around 3pm where we went north to Newton, Kansas and stopped to get something to eat and watch things develop. It looked like a small return that formed over Hutchinson, Kansas might break the cap and move Northeast near McPherson, Kansas. Setting up just Southeast of McPherson we watch towering cu form and dissipate for about an hour or so but nothing happened.
We made the decision to head toward the ongoing storm near Salina even though there were tons of chasers on the storm already as it was the only game in town. We got on the storm around 7 about 10 miles West of Salina and followed it back to the east until we lost light. We saw a few wall clouds and a cool mother ship updraft. After that we called it and went and had dinner at Applebee’s in Park City, KS with Denton Sachs and Jay Cazel.
Check out the grass in this time-lapse you can see the wind direction change as the gust front arrives
This time-lapse was earlier when we first got on the storm but it had already began going outflow dominate As always thanks for watching out live stream and reading the blog Tyler.