I was in Tulsa already, my wife had meetings for work. So i met up with Denton Sachs for the big Oklahoma loop. Tulsa > Osage County > Okmulgee > Checota > Salisaw > Roland > Muskogee > Tulsa! Woot! We did get on a tornado warned storm near the Okmulgee airport but saw nothing as it was a rain wrapped mess! The highlight (if you want to call it that) was the strong winds near Council Hill. We saw a small lowering pass just to our north shortly after we got hit with 50-60mph outflow winds. I doubt the mesovortex that passed just north had anything much to do with the outflow winds but it was kind fun being November and all! I didn't log GPS on this chase as i drove and we used Denton's laptop get over it!! Tyler

Council Hill Oklahoma 11-5-2015 Windy Wind!