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It looks like we could have a couple of chase days coming up Wednesday 5-7 and Thursday 5-8. So far looking at the models I’m not real impressed with Wednesday but things could change so keep an eye out for changes to the forecast. Thursday looks like a better risk for severe weather but it’s a bit far out for a good forecast. The Storm Prediction Center it’s talking about more of a linear complex but we are still talking 4 days out and morning convection could spoil the show, so I always say we won’t know until the day of!

Wednesday 5-27-2014

Thursday 5-28-2014

This data and graphics are not intended to be used for protection of life or property they are just my opinion of a weather event please consult official sources for your weather forecast needs. Tyler.
4-27-2014 We started the day in Pittsburg, KS and headed to Little Rock, AR that was our target for the day. The SPC had a moderate risk that morning we were targeting the pre-frontal confluence zone that the models showed along a line from Texarkana, AR to Little Rock, AR around 21z.

4-27-14 GPS Log

We got to Little Rock around 3pm as small storms where firing around what was now a high risk area from Texarkana to Little Rock. From there we headed down I-30 to intercept a small cell that formed near Malvern, AR.  We intercepted the cell and chased it back to I-30 where we noticed a cell coming in from the OK border area that went tornado warned. We got a phone call from fellow chaser Denton Sachs saying the storm near the OK border had amazing rotation in it. So we shot north along I-30, I-430 then I-40 where we stopped in Maumelle, AR just south of the projected path, where we found the best clearing we could find on a hill and watched the cell move towards Mayflower. We could have gotten really close but knowing that it was likely a strong tornado and not having allot of exits on I-40 combined with the HORRIABLE terrain we stayed back in Maumelle. After radar showed the tornado crossing I-40 we went north to Mayflower where we encountered the damage path. Mayflower suffered extensive damage along I-40 and was in a state of chaos. We pulled of the side of I-40 out of the way in the grass and went to work helping out being careful not to get in the way. We helped carry one man up a steep hill on a back board putting him in the back of a pickup truck. After that we started looking through vehicles.  There was a RV sales lot that was hit so it was really hard to tell if the vehicles where occupied or from the lot for sale. Their where several propane tanks leaking from the RV lot from small RV tanks to large 500 – 1000 gallon tanks used to fill the RV tanks.  The propane made it difficult to search the cars and RV’s so we did the best we could with help from Daniel Shaw we searched quite a few cars and RVs. At about 10pm Daniel stepped on a nail which went through his boot into his foot so we walked him up to his car and Jordan helped clean and dress his foot. After we got his foot fixed up enough first responders had made it to the scene so we left it to the pros and went to a hotel in Conway, AR just up the road. 4-28-2014

4-28-14 GPS Log

The next morning we got some Waffle House and headed towards our target which was NE Louisiana. The SPC had issued a Moderate risk and we wanted to try and say in the Mississippi delta if we could. So we dropped and took some side roads to the East of Mayflower to avoid the traffic jam on I-40. It took us a while to make it to Little Rock once we got on I-530 we dropped to Pine Bluff, AR and got on US 65 taking that to Lake Village, AR where we went East on US 82 across the Mississippi river. By this time the SPC had issued a high risk for parts of Mississippi and Alabama. East of the Mississippi river we got to the back side of a tornado warned cell near Greenwood, MS we stayed behind it as it crossed US 82 to the North.  We crossed I-55 into the jungle of Mississippi where we got on the next cell in the line which had just passed over Yazoo City, MS. We followed the cell a ways north of Eupora, MS and lost it in the jungle.  Dropping back South to US 82 and heading East we passed through Starkville, MS and then dropped South on US 45 ALT. We saw a really nice tornado warned cell coming our way we got into position to intercept along US 45 near Crawford, MS the storm was still 45 min to 1hr out.  We pulled off into a field entrance and waited it wasn’t long before we saw a 4x8 sheet of paneling fall from the anvil of the supercell that at that time was causing major damage to the city of Louisville, MS. After waiting for about 45min the supercell was getting close enough where we could tell where the circulation was going to cross US 45 which was just to our north. We headed North on US 45 to a position just North of Crawford, MS on US 45. We saw an amazing inflow jet that was elevated just off the surface flowing into the storm. We drove up from out parking spot on the side of US 45 to the top of an overpass to see the base better from that vantage point we saw a brief tornado but for the most part it was just an amazing rotating wall cloud. We noticed a deep blue glow to our NW so we decided to backup and turn around and head south on US 45. While heading south on US 45 we got hit with 50 – 60 MPH RFD winds which we later found out blew a semi off the road and rolled it in Crawford, MS. We exited US 45 and went through the city of Crawford, MS to get back south. We went all the way to Meridian, MS where we ended the chase and got some dinner. When we got done eating we saw the supercell that hit Jackson, MS was headed right towards us so we had to drive all the way to Hattiesburg, MS then back north to get to Jackson, MS where we stayed the night ending our chase.
We just came into Mississippi on US 82 headed for the line of supercells to the east of the Mississippi river. We should be on the storms within the next hour or so. The SPC has forecast a moderate risk with a 15% hatched for tornadoes in parts of the deep south to day. Click here to get the latest timely information from the SPC. We are live streaming at and keep up with us on Facebook and Twiter for our latest updates. Stay tuned to your local media or NWS for latest severe weather information.
The SPC has upgraded to a high risk for parts of SE Arkansas to check the latest click here we are LIVE! click below to see our streams from multiple different sources.
We are chasing whats shaping up to be a tornado outbreak in Arkansas today. Keep a close watch and look for us to go live on and  
No chase today, we sat at the house and let the broken line come our way.  I took this time lapse from the front porch looking East so we didn't get a face full of rain also. I also got a nice panorama from my IPhone of the approaching shelf cloud from our backyard looking West.  If you click the read more button I also included a gallery of some weather data and radar images from the event. At 7pm the Springfield NWS issued a tornado warning for the Stockton, MO to Humansville, MO area I included a radar image of in the gallery. To top it all off we got a really nice sunset time lapse I threw in for kicks! Tyler. photo continue reading...
Well not much to call home about with this chase other than the gas bill! Jordan and I drove all over Southwest MO and came up empty. We got some cool sunset / shelfcloud pics thats really about it! There were tornadoes after dark in the jungle of Southeast MO which isn't really worth the risk.

Click here to see our chase in Google Earth

Moore, OK was struck with a high end tornado today causing catastrophic damage. Two schools where hit that had children in them at the time. Our thoughts go out to everyone affected by the storms. Today we got a late start so we didn’t make it to OKC. We got on a cell near Skiatook, OK and chased it northeast to Talala, OK where we got video of a stove pipe tornado. It looked like this tornado stayed over rural areas hopefully no one was injured. Here is the video of the tornado near Talala, OK.
It's May, typically this time of year we are chasing severe weather all across the central and even northern plains but not today.  Widespread lows in the 20's and 30's and accumulating snowfall is occurring records are going to fall like rocks tomorrow morning!   Here is a model chart showing the forecast temps tomorrow morning.


2012 was a bad year for us as you all know we lost our good friend Andy and to top it off it was a very slow year for storms. We are back for 2013! so far we have a slow start to the year but we are ready to hit May hard and chase everything we possibly can. We will try and keep everyone up to date on changes and website updates via our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Tyler.