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The Storm Patrol

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The Storm Patrol is westbound and down headed out to a decent looking chase somewhere in Western Kansas or Oklahoma or maybe even the Texas Panhandle! Looking at the morning analysis we have a pacific cold front extending from a surface low near Burlington, CO to Boise City, OK to Dalhart, TX where a dry line intersects the front from Dalhart, TX to Presidio, TX on the Mexican border. The Storm Prediction Center is forecasting a moderate risk of severe weather including some strong tornadoes in a large area including Southern Nebraska, Western and Central  Kansas and Oklahoma and a small part of Western North Texas. namussfcwbg The big question for The Storm Patrol today is how will morning storms affect the severe weather event later today? Will we need to head to Western Kansas or Southwest Oklahoma? How will the ongoing storm near Shamrock, TX progress as it moves Northeast into Central and North Oklahoma? The answers to these questions should become more clear later this afternoon. I would expect to see special soundings launched in the 18-21z time frame this will help determine our target.

SPC Mesoscale Discussion 657

    If you are looking for weather information for this event here are some links. Storm Prediction Center We will be LIVE streaming this event as usual today and doing some Periscopes from time to time. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter for updates on today's chase.  
5-8 Jordan left Joplin, MO about 5 AM on the Friday the 8th and came up to Pittsburg, KS and picked me up for the chase. We had breakfast at the newly renovated McDonalds over interstate 44 near Vinita, OK. Looking at the morning models we decided to head to Wichita Falls, TX where we sat and sat… and sat for until about 3:30. At that point storms started to push into the area we went after a storm near Vernon, TX and chased it back Southeast along US 287 through Oklaunion and Electra, TX. The storm got really rain wrapped so we couldn't see a thing we decided to drop to the south storm near Throckmorton, TX which KDYX Radar Image 2015-05-08 421cdt Supercell near Veron, TX didn’t quite go as planned. We tried to get to the storm but the roads didn’t work with the southeast storm motion we ended up in a carwash in Graham, TX watching where we watched the hail and ate Mexican food and called it a day. 5-9 We started off the day in a LaQuinta in Wichita Falls, TX where we looked over the morning models. The models showed two areas that might work out for a chase north (Western KS / Southeast Colorado) and south (North Central Texas). We chose to go north because the southern area looked like it would have a hard time recovering from the morning convection. So on the road again, we set Liberal, KS in the GPS and 5 hours later like magic we where their!  We met up with Ray Bohac and hit crew at a Liberal gas station. Sitting at the gas station for a few hours watching chasers and towering CU come and go we finally saw a storm fire near Perryton, OK  on radar and we went for it. Near Floris, OK we stopped and got an amazing time lapse of a rotating storm that was moving NNE. From Floris we followed the storm north up towards Meade, KS and then east until dark when the storm died. We met up with Jay Cazel at the end of the chase and ate Mexican food in Pratt and then programmed in home about 3 AMwe where home!

Floris, OK supercell time lapse 5-9-2015

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The Storm Prediction Center is forecasting severe weather outbreaks this Friday 5-8-2015 and Saturday 5-9-2015 across the southern plains. The Storm Patrol is going to head out early Friday morning to chase this event. We will be live streaming our chase during the afternoon hours Friday and Saturday. This is going to be a large scale severe weather outbreak! If you live in the risk areas make your severe weather plans now don't wait until the last minute! Also remember to stay weather aware Friday and Saturday! Here are some links to find official forecasts for this event Storm Prediction Center Here are the convective outlook graphics from the SPC.

Day 2 Friday 5-8-2015

  SPC Day 2 Outlook 1730z

Day 3 Saturday 5-9-2015

SPC Day 3 Outlook 0730z Tyler
Well the chase was decent we saw some really cool supercell structure and got some time-lapse video of a few things. 4-24-2015 Salina, KS Supercell Panorama We started up the chase in Pittsburg, Kansas where Jordan and I met up with a news crew from a local TV station that were doing a story on storm chasing.  Our target was Great Bend, Kansas where the SPC had a enhanced risk with a 5% tornado risk. A surface low was moving from extreme Southeast Colorado Northeast towards Salina, KS from 19z to around 02z. The convection allowing models RPM / HRRR were showing a supercell collocated with the low forming around 22z. 4-24-2015 15z Surface Analysis We made it to Wichita around 3pm where we went north to Newton, Kansas and stopped to get something to eat and watch things develop. It looked like a small return that formed over Hutchinson, Kansas might break the cap and move Northeast near McPherson, Kansas. Setting up just Southeast of McPherson we watch towering cu form and dissipate for about an hour or so but nothing happened.
We made the decision to head toward the ongoing storm near Salina even though there were tons of chasers on the storm already as it was the only game in town. We got on the storm around 7 about 10 miles West of Salina and followed it back to the east until we lost light. We saw a few wall clouds and a cool mother ship updraft. After that we called it and went and had dinner at Applebee’s in Park City, KS with Denton Sachs and Jay Cazel. continue reading...
Jordan and I are headed out towards the Kansas target today. The Kansas target is not looking the best but will see what happens, SPC has an Enhanced Risk for parts of Kansas and another area in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.
1630z SPC Outlook 4-24-2015

1630z SPC Outlook 4-24-2105


We will be streaming once we get a bit closer to the target near the surface low. The latest convective models show discrete convection forming just about collocated with the surface low. At the time of this post the low was located in extreme southeast Colorado and moving Northeast.

Will post updates throughout the day.